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Around Dallas - 10/6/2014

DART to DFW Airport

Wilshire Heights residents now have another option to get to the DFW International Airport. The DART orange line DFW Airport Station is now open in Terminal A providing travelers with a convenient and economical way to travel both to the airport and from the airport to various city landmarks and destinations.

Distinctive large white canopy arch structures cover the station that is about a three minute walk to the Terminal A entry doors and ticket counter. Other terminals can be reached by using the DFW Terminal Link shuttle buses or the DFW Skylink people mover system.

Taking DART to the airport is much cheaper than a shuttle, cab or parking your car near or at the airport. For $2.50 you get a 2-hour pass, while $5.00 will buy you a regional day pass. You can also use ticketless service with the GoPass app and bags ride free on the train.

The new rail service is adding thousands of new jobs in the North Texas region as well as reducing pollution from auto emissions, while passengers reap the benefit of reduced stress and more money in their pockets.

Travel time from Mockingbird Station to DFW Airport is about 63 minutes, largely due to the 16 stops that it makes on the way.

The trains run Monday through Friday from 4:00 am until 1:00 am and 4 am until 12 midnight on Saturday and Sunday.

For exact schedules or more information, call DART Customer Service at 214-979- 1111 or go to DFWAirport



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