Pet Watch

Help Reunite Pets with Their Owners

Judy Czarny, the Pet Watch Coordinator for Wilshire Heights, manages the WHNA Pet Watch email group. Members who wish to be notified of a lost or found pet in Wilshire Heights and nearby neighborhoods, who want to help reunite owners and their pets and who wish to know when wildlife/raptors and other potential threats to pets have been reported should join this group.

Join WHNA Pet Watch Now!

Here’s how to join:

This is a no-reply email group. Anyone reporting a situation (lost/found pet or potential threat to pets) must email Judy directly at so she can send out the notification to the group. The group name (so you can identify Pet Watch emails) is

NOTE: Judy’s email address at is for pet watch communication ONLY. Personal emails should not be sent to this address.

  1. Email Judy at and ask to be added to the WHNA Pet Watch group.
  2. Judy will send you an invitation with a link to join the group.
  3. You must click the link in the email in order to join.


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