Neighbors keeping neighbors safe.

The Wilshire Heights Neighborhood Association is a Dallas non-profit, volunteer group.
Our Volunteers-in-Patrol and Crime Watch play a key role in keeping our property safe and protected.

You play a part in our safety!

If you see something in the neighborhood that you feel is suspicious, please call 911 and report a “suspicious person”. The Police have a Call Priority System that allocates their response based on current activity and they may send an officer out. If not, they’ll have a record of it, and it could relate to some other calls. The Police have always stressed to us that “When in doubt, call 911”. Plus, these calls can increase the patrols in our neighborhood. If they never hear from us, they think everything is fine.

Did you know?

It is a fact that people are roaming our neighborhood looking for things to steal. We cannot rely entirely on the Dallas Police Department. They need us to be the eyes and ears of Wilshire Heights. Please continue to be aware of anything that strikes you as suspicious. Immediately call 911 with a description of person/s and/or vehicle.

Going out of town?

We have a team of neighbors who regularly patrol our neighborhood streets. Learn more about the VIP program.